Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lauren and Jordan 7th Birthday Tea Party

The ever so talented Mel and I got together a couple weekends ago to make teacup invitations and little purses for goodie bags for my girls upcoming 7th Birthday Tea Party. We are having it at a little Bakery close by that has a feel of Gramma's house in the decor. We will be served high tea with little heart shaped jam sandwiches, pastries and cake for the little girls and a great assortment of items for the big girls that are going. I love going there for high tea. It's so fun!
When I was down in the States the day before making these, I picked up goodies for the little purses. Little eye shadows, lip glosses, nail polishes, little heart shaped paper pads, pencils, M&M's and Fun Dips. These were so fun to make... especially because I got to spend a whole day with Mel and she did all the hard work. :o) Thanks Mel!
Now to finish the wording for the inside and have the girls hand them out. It shall be such a fun time!
Thanks for stopping by for a lookey lew. If you would like the templates, please click on Mel at the top and it will take you to her site. She is uber talented and makes her own templates.


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Awwwww Honey! You are too sweet. These looks so cute with those pink & purple treats. What a perfect match. And make up and candy-giggle giggle! Makes ya wanna be a kid again, hey. You guys are gonna have such a blast. Those are some lucky kiddos to have you--THE most marvellous Mom ever ever EVER! MWAH! Love ya, Darlin!!! OXO

Amy Sheffer said...

How darling!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute are they!! That is the best loot bag ever! Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Things are good here and it looks like you're doing well. Celebrating 7 years! That's awesome... these are good days!! Cherish each moment! We're celebrating DS's 18th birthday next week! The years fly by..... Love the cards too. You've done a great job.