Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tag I Guess I'm It!

I got tagged my Melstampz, but didn't receive any info on what it was about. I was just on her blog. and saw what it's about. I have not updated this in so long. I have needed a huge break from stamping. I know, some of you must have gasped.. how could she. After making about 60 xmas cards I was done with any creativity. Though I'm looking forward to getting down to my dungeon, cleaning it up and getting started once again.
So, here goes 7 random/ weird things about me!

1) Hmm... I am overly analy organized and plan way too far ahead for events. I have to have stuff done, or it eats at me. I can't leave stuff until the last minute. I don't feel it's a good of quality or thought out as much for someone.

2) I love watching the PPT or WPT. (poker shows). It's helped my game. I was the last girl on New Years Eve with 3 other guys and went home with more money then I had started with. :o)

3) I love playing floor hockey. I'm jonesin for it to start up again next Tues. Get this Xmas lbs off the old gut and butt. It's the best work out.

4) I love going down to Bellingham (Bellis Fair Mall) to shop... got to get my Target fix. Speaking of which, I go tomorrow night. My friends and I always have a blast. Got to love when you hit the big scores of deals.

5) I both enjoy and shake my head at staying home with my almost 5 yr old twin girls. Sometimes I think it's the hardest job (you can atleast have a pee at your workplace in private - no kids hanging around asking a million questions and playing with the t.p. dispenser.) Sometimes I think it's the best job, especially at this age. A built in playmate to entertain each other while Mommy cleans, cooks or sometimes crafts. I've been extremely lucky to be able to be home with the girls. I couldn't imagine having anyone else look after them. I'm too anal to let someone else. Hey.. not saying someone else couldn't do better with crafts, stories, play, but no one can fiercely love them like I do!

6) Gosh, I was thinking for a second it was only 5 I needed. Hmm... I am married to my best friend, best husband and greatest dad I could have for my girls. I am truly fortunate for the man in my life. Coming up to 10 years together this spring. I think we will treat ourselves to The Kingfisher Spa on Vancouver Island for a couple days.

7) I like watching design shows/ home shows. House Hunters, Hidden Potential - althought what Barry the designer picks for decor is horrible, I like the idea behind it. Flip This House, Property Ladder to name a few. We are just starting to look at renovating our kitchen and I'm both excited and nervous. It's a big and expensive project to tackle.

Well, that's my 7 picks of random and weird. I don't have anyone to tag in the blog world. If you read this, I'd love for you to do it and comment on here that you have and I can meet you and read yours.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all!


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