Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Simple Snowflakes

I need to make about 50 xmas cards again this year for my mom and I to give out to friends and family. I will save the bigger emboss resists cards for ones to sell and closer friends and family. I think this one will be one of my variations of cards to make a million of. Nothing fancy, but simple and quick. I thought I'd try the going grey with it for something other then just blue blue blue and brown brown brown. I embossed the white snowflakes and silver embossed the be merry and big snowflake. I added a few eyelets, some silver cord and white organza. I used soft sky cardstock as well as ink for the medium size snowflakes.


Melissa McCarthy said...

This is stunning; so soft and christmasy. I love it!!! Mel

Andrea said...

This is such an elegant card, love it

Susan Daly said...

Very pretty!! I like the big silver snowflake.