Thursday, June 12, 2008

8th Wedding/ 10 yrs Together Anniversaries Today!

My husband came home at lunch time with this beautiful bouquet and the homemade ice cream cone craft that he and our girls did together last night. Brad did a great job on the cone and the girls did a great job on the ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate they told me. I think Brad could do some good in the craft room. Wow! We were suppose to go out for ice cream 10 yrs ago and ended up doing something else instead. wink wink. So, it's been an ever running joke about me wanting my ice cream cone. He filled it with printouts of different ice cream places for me to pick from. We are going to the Marble Slab Creamery tonight. Yum! Oink! The picture doesn't do the flowers one bit of good. They are gorgeous in real life.
I hope you all are having as good of a day as I am. He will get his present later tonight, but I won't be posting a picture of me in it. haha.


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Mel M. M. M. said...

Happy anniversary Sweetness. That sucks that you got spammed for it. Jerks! ;0)

Love this card SO much and you are SO funny! You should blog everyday for the entertainment of the masses. heehee. I still think you should be a TV show. You're such a riot!?! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! There's a great idea, Mel! A TV show!! You could clean up. You are so funny and can tell a story like nobody else.
Happy Had-a-nursery, Bella.
Glad the ol' man came through for ya.
Love Kat

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. What a cool ice cream cone! I'd be so impressed if my hubby went to that effort. I bet the girls had a blast doing that. :-)
Beth G

Anonymous said...

Better later then never reading this blog. Never hurts to learn a little about the DIL.