Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow... The Worlds Most Crooked Card

This is so embarassing, I had to put it on here. After all the work, I do and use the little circles on the light brown paper to line up my other layers and wow...obviously that was a crooked cut. How frustrated am I!!! I am so anal, that I can spot this drunken looking mess from across the room where I see it. I'll save this card to give to a friend when she's already drunk... so she can't tell. ;o) I finally got around to using the berry bliss paper. I will have to try this again. This time I will count on my eyes for visual lining.. not a cut piece of paper!!!! Hey Mel... you're Bday is soon. Have a couple drinks before you open this piece of work up! I thought the layout I came up with while bored watching the grammy's wasn't too bad. I know it's been used before and not a original, but it all came to me quickly while sitting there. Brad Paisley came on and that was my cue to go into the dungeon. Sorry to any that are a fan! He could probably make a straighter card. Done babbling... for now! Off to listen to my husband snore. Elbow is locked and loaded!

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Mel M. M. M. said...

Hahahahaahahahahahaahaaaa I almost peed myself reading this. I want this card (so I can take it apart and put it back together straight LOL LOL ROFL) It is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love the layout--am stealing the layout and taking your pointer about not lining up based on paper--or while drinking...heehee!